Kozoth-Bom was a dwarven fortress that was built on the fringes of the dwarven Kingdom of Bidnoz just over two centuries ago. It lost contact with the Kingdom soon after it was built. It was founded by Baron Mosus Brushedcrypts, who was given the fort as a gift from the King as a fief to rule over. It houses a Smith’s Guild and one village, known as Anzriz-Amost. Two noble clans lived there: Clan Taloncopper and Clan Maggotlip.

The Wizard’s Tower
After it was built, Kozoth-Bom attracted the ire of a mysterious wizard operating out of a spire near the fort. Fearing him and his experiments, which were said to cause screams loud enough to hear from the fort at night, Baron Mosus Brushedcrypts amassed a squad to burn the wizard’s tower out. Only his squire made it back, and with Baron Mosus having no sons, the seat of Kozoth-Bom was passed to his squire, Zefon Taloncopper. Soon after this, contact with the Kingdom of the Puce Seal ceased for unknown reasons, leaving Kozoth-Bom all on its lonesome.

The Riot
Baron Zefon was not a clever dwarf. In fact, he was mad. Upon taking control, he immediately pressed any migrants into service in the fort’s military, whether they had combat experience or not, and sent them after the wizard. Those that came back came back changed, just as he had. He took any women among the migrants that couldn’t fight to be his wives, whether they were married already or not. Eventually, one soldier, Arkos Ragepike, came back from the tower after yet another failed operation, only to see the Baron accosting his wife. Arkos broke, slaying the baron, which led to the Baron’s men slaying him, which led to his wife slaying them, which eventually led to a riot that claimed the lives of all but two of the baron’s sons, all of his wives, a decent portion of the army, and the mayor of Anzriz-Amost. After this, his eldest surviving son, Zutthan Taloncopper, took the throne.

The Pale Baron
Zutthan was not much better than his father, though he was at least sane. He introduced slavery to the fort, and trade with the humans and the elves broke down once he started trying to bargain for slaves. On the rare occasion someone sold him a “worker,” that person would go missing soon after. It was not long before rumors spread, that Baron Zutthan was never seen outside during the day. It was only once a missing human was found bloodless in the streets did people realize they were dealing with a vampire. Though no one is sure who took care of it, Zutthan was eventually found with his heart nailed to his throne, and so the fort passed to his brother, Demu.

A Return to Form
After two centuries of mistake after mistake, Baron Demu Taloncopper was determined to bring Kozoth-Bom back to its former glory, and possibly even surpass it. Though a century old, he had proven himself capable as a leader. He sought to re-open trade with the outside world, to explore it, and to find out why contact has ceased with the Kingdom of Bidnoz.


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