Anzriz-Amost was a dwarven town within the fortress of Kozoth-Bom. It was founded by Baron Zefon Taloncopper, who granted it to Clan Maggotlip to govern. It housed the Smith’s Guild.

Mayor Aro
Mayor Aro Maggotlip was the first to govern Anzriz-Amost. He was slain in the riot that claimed Baron Zefon Taloncopper a week after he took the post. He left behind a son, Seph Maggotlip.

Mayor Seph
Mayor Seph Maggotlip was the second to govern Anzriz-Amost. He was found drained of all his blood on the streets of Anzriz-Amost. He left behind a son, Gend Maggotlip.

Mayor Gend
Mayor Gend Maggotlip was the third to govern Anzriz-Amost. He died of alcohol withdrawal. He left behind seven sons, though the one that assumed his post as Mayor of Anzriz-Amost after his death was Durk Maggotlip.

Mayor Durk
Mayor Durk Maggotlip was the fourth to govern Anzriz-Amost. To the surprise of everyone, he is still alive.


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